The Winterreise website (, launched just a few short months ago, promptly found an enthusiastic and appreciative audience, unearthing dozens of fellow obsessives on the way. To my immense surprise and gratification, kindred spirits have united in a huge global community, eager to share experiences, ideas, suggestions and material, helping what I have labelled – with suitable modesty – “the ultimate Winterreise resource” to continue to grow and diversify.

People took to heart my exhortation – to feel free to comment and to contribute – and one of the first suggestions to reach me, from several sources, was: “What you have done for Winterreise, would work just as well for Die schöne Müllerin and Schwanengesang; would you consider creating a similar resource for those?

Much as I love these works, I cannot pretend to have had the same relationship with them as I have enjoyed with Winterreise for the better part of my life. I would have to start completely from scratch, so to speak; talk about being caught on the horns of a dilemma! Building and maintaining a website is a time-consuming business, which I have to fit in with work and life in general. But I love and thrive on challenges …

In the end, I did not need all that much persuasion. Given the unprecedented response, I decided to go ahead and use Winterreise as a template for sibling websites; they will all follow the same formula and structure.

So here we are then: Die schöne Müllerin!

I have been known to wax lyrical about the kindness and generosity of creative artists, who – despite often punishing schedules – are always ready to contribute time, advice, constructive criticism and material towards the realisation of these projects. Too many of you to mention individually: a huge and heartfelt thank you to all!!

You will have seen by now that I have used a generic image for those portfolios for which I do not as yet have images and/or other relevant information. Should you come across a portfolio with incomplete information which you are able to provide, that would be much appreciated.