The artist couple Margit and Rolf Hillen live and work in the small village of Hamswehrum near Emden, East Frisia. In her studio at the Malerhaus, Margit works mainly in acrylic paints. Her subjects are broad: gesture paintings of people, animals, architecture, landscape etc. As a graphic artist, Rolf is dedicated to artistic printing techniques (etching, lithography and letterpress printing), book design, paper production and paper design. Their joint projects include “’Die Winterreise’ and ‘Die schöne Müllerin’ – an encounter with Wilhelm Müller and Franz Schubert in pictures by Margit and Rolf Hillen”. Another project dealt with Bedřich Smetana’s ‘My Fatherland / Die Moldau’. For all of these projects an art book has been published. Artists’ website: